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Hands-On Play Crucial to Problem Solving

Following my post yesterday my mother sent this in reply:

People also need to practice playing by themselves. I read recently how kids are losing their imaginations because the toys are too detailed. There isn’t room to create their “own” idea of what that car or fort or whatever looks like or what it will do. We become too literal. We need to be able to fill in the blanks with our own creations. Build our confidence so we’re not afraid to play out loud with others. To not practice self-censorship.

How do different cultures play? I know much is universal, but that would be interesting… Joyce Meyer’s was saying once how her son always was creative at playing. She said if she put him in the corner as a punishment it would be only minutes before he would create a game out of something on the wallpaper.

This reminded me of a story told at the beginning of Play and it’s one I’ve repeated numerous times to illustrate that hands-on play as a youngster, not digital, is crucial to problem-solving skills later in life. Continue reading