Pick Your Brain Wrap-Up

No. You Can’t Pick My Brain was referenced in quite a bit of commentary across the web, especially on my blog and in the entrepreneurial and creative circles. It was re-tweeted hundreds of times and drove more than 9,000 visits to my site.

Two sentences seemed to especially have struck a chord with my creative peers:
1) Creative ideas and connections are the real currency in this digital economy.
2) Strategic and creative counsel is one of the most under-monetized aspects of being in the communications and marketing business. Continue reading

No. You Can’t Pick My Brain.

I was reminded of this post, which has sat in a word doc on my desktop for two months, while reading “Can I Pick your Brain,” by Kevin Dugan. Thanks, Kevin, for inspiring me to finally get it posted.

I’m not sure where to start with this topic since I feel like it might offend many people who know me who have asked the very thing. For close personal friends I can make an exception but there has to be a line drawn somewhere. Continue reading

Journo Bloodbath Opens Up Comm Talent Pool

The recent news of Saul Hansell’s joining AOL as programming director for Seed.com and recent round of journo layoff bloodbath has re-sparked some interesting conversations.
Everyone I’ve talked with shakes their head in sadness over media’s current demise. Some of my favorite tech journalists have been laid off and several I know personally are surveying non-reporting options: business school; marcom or “PR” jobs; total change of industry; not worrying about it until half the severance is gone… Continue reading

PRSA Int’l Conference: Early Thoughts

I arrived in San Diego last night and to start my prep for the International PRSA annual conference I took a look over the agenda with great curiosity. The theme is “Delivering Value” with the conference broken up into four main tracks: innovation strategies; effective tools and techniques; specialization and practice areas; and finally, the business case for public relations. Continue reading

500 Days, Sway and a Business Lesson

I recently saw 500 Days of Summer and was particularly impacted by the way one scene was written and shot. At this point in the movie Tom has fallen for Summer and they have now broken up. They run into each other at a wedding, catch up, share a dance and she invites him to a dinner party she’s having the following weekend. When the big day arrives he bounds up the stairs to her apartment as the screen splits with one side labeled Expectations and the other Reality.

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Lessons Learned from Nikon BlogHer PR Mis-Fire

In a much tweeted and blogged about mis-fire, Nikon lost some love from the mommy blogger empire at the BlogHer conference this past weekend in Chicago.

When I read the first blog post about the big #fail I felt sympathy for the PR team and for Nikon, both who truly had the intent of providing a fun experience for a key audience.  This is a perfect example of a big brand trying to connect with its audience but missing the mark by just-this-much.

Instead of re-capping the tweet-by-tweet play, here are the highlights:
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Clients and Agencies Need Couples Counseling & a Translator

Last December, Jennifer Leggio (@mediaphyter) was conducting a survey aimed at in-house professionals that managed an outside PR agency. The goal was to delve into client satisfaction and spotlight areas of disconnect that would expose areas PR agencies could improve or adjust their business to keep up with shifting demands.

I remember thinking, “How nice it must always be for clients and press to share their opinions about how much their agency/agency people suck. How come the PR agency side never gets to have its say? Aren’t there two sides to this discussion?” (The answers to those questions are: 1) Because no one cares if the PR person is disgruntled and 2) Sometimes but not often enough.) Continue reading

Does PR = Executive?

I recently attended a very successful trade show with several members of my company. Our booth was constantly overrun with people and I was able to catch up with an impressive amount of partners, customers, prospects, influencers and press. It was a very active couple of days as far as my long-term PR strategy goes. The connections and plotting that started happening there are small lynch pins in my master plan. This is the part about PR that I love, having a master vision of where you want to take the company and then gathering all the necessary pieces and putting them in place to take you where you want to go.

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