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iStock_Checklist5A few months ago we participated in a client RFP. The first phase of their search involved an initial RFI with a lot of smart and detailed questions. There was one in particular we found especially impressive for them to include:

What are the top 10 things a client must do / have to be successful with PR?

“Well this is promising,” we agreed internally.

When prospective partners genuinely want to know what THEY can do to help ensure a successful program we all breathe a sigh of relief. It signals a partner who recognizes that investing in a formal Communications program is a commitment, not just in dollars, but internal resources.

We appreciated that they want to be smart about the whole process so sprinkled some advice on working with a Comms partner as well as what to expect on their end during the process. I warned them I was turning what we submitted into a blog post, so here you go: Continue reading


It’s been 16 years since I started doing this whole PR-Communications thing. I’ve worked for top agencies, gone solo and run in-house programs. I’ve worked with massive brands like Apple and HP to tiny baby start-ups. Industry verticals span from nerdy mesh networking and tech standards organizations to mobile to e-commerce, to consumer electronics, and on.

In May of 2012 the start-up I was working at shuttered. It was unfortunate but these things happen. I looked around and didn’t see one company I was ready to pledge my life to again – except my own. Within two weeks we had a name, emails, and our first paying clients.

I’ve learned a lot the past 19 months – many re-affirming prior business beliefs and practices, others lessons in management, and virtual working, to name a few.

For my first post for Radix Collective I decided to outline three key pieces of advice I have for anyone looking to go Independent – or dealing with clients in general.

Don’t Be Afraid to Walk Away:

It’s OK. Really. You can say no. This is a difficult lesson for a lot of new entrants into the independent consulting world to learn – often the hard way. You’re starting to build your client base, someone shows up with money but it’s not an ideal situation, yet nothing else is on the horizon – so you take it. And it sucks. These situations never end well.

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