Monthly Archives: June 2010

How to Prevent Social Media Entitlement Syndrome

(This article first appeared on on June 24th and was co-written by myself and @melissarowley.)

In a day and age when sharing our stories, favorite videos, political views, product reviews, intimate moments, photographs, and random rants and raves across multiple digital platforms is part of our daily routines, our content is consumed at an unprecedented rate. Being accessible in real-time all the time can bolster our business and personal brands. That is the upside. The downside is the manner in which social etiquette is being increasingly bastardized in the Web 2.0 sphere because of a misplaced sense of entitlement and set of expectations our readers, followers, and Interweb friends have from absorbing the onslaught of our digital footprints. Continue reading

When the CEO Gets in the Way

An industry peer and I got to chatting about developments with a new start-up client at her agency. They are several months into the retainer and have worked closely with the CEO to develop their product and corporate messaging which includes presentations, web copy, marketing collateral and press materials, to name a few. She was lamenting how the CEO isn’t getting the kind of traction the company needs with their target market and the media.

“They just aren’t getting it,” she said. “What we’re saying is not resonating.” Continue reading