PR Survey II: The PR Agency’s Turn

Jennifer Leggio recently released insightful survey results from several months work capturing opinions from in-house PR reps about client satisfaction. The results caused a stir amongst agencies as certain points were driven home:

* Many agencies who did not make the list and those who fared negatively seemed surprised

* Some agencies aren’t grokking that having a social network presence for their own brands does not necessarily dictate good social programs for clients

* Clients increasingly want social PR elements included in their traditional PR programs

* Many agencies — those both on the negative and positive side of the spectrum — are ready to take action to improve client satisfaction

* However, some agencies are hitting some walls with their clients in trying to do so

And while that’s all and good, we both felt it was time to hear the agency side of things.
There are questions that are bound to make agency execs squirm and request their staff not to answer, and especially, not to mark the agency they work for. And that’s OK (we have an opt out option for that question,) Jennifer and I get it. Critiquing the client relationship is a sensitive subject to a section of our industry under-going massive disruption.

But, as I told Jennifer, the client/agency relationship is in need of couple’s counseling. Both sides want it to be a harmonious and fruitful relationship but something has become broken along the way. How do we get to the point where clients view agency teams as partners and treat them as such with access to information and existing strategies? How do agency’s learn to better anticipate their clients needs and scale their knowledge base to keep up with our evolving industry?

We do it by asking the tough questions and addressing together.

PR agency folks, now is the time to share your opinion. It’s anonymous. It’s all about your point of view. It’s not meant to call out any one agency or highlight someone who sucks or who doesn’t. This is about something bigger. It’s about figuring out the disconnect between clients and agencies and examining ways we can work better together and support one another internally.

Pitch in, please. Take the survey and forward to your agency friends. We won’t be able to do this without you and we greatly appreciate your support.

We think your voice is important. Help make it heard.

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