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5 Ways to Gain More Value from Your PR Agency

Todd Defren reached out asking if I’d do a guest post for his series on the value of PR Agencies. I was much obliged, especially since SHIFT was my former agency (see note at bottom of post.) You can find the original post here (404′d).


Being a former client of SHIFT’s and a fellow PR blogger, I welcomed the chance to contribute to Todd’s series around the value of PR agencies. The majority of my career was spent in high-tech PR agencies, so having the shoe on the other foot is definitely an enlightening experience. Continue reading

The Slow Build

I’ve had the recent pleasure of hanging with some of my favorite PR pro’s. We’re all cut from the “same PR cloth” and are passionate about re-defining what PR is and how it’s perceived. Also core to these discussions are commiserating over the executives that won’t just let us do our job as it should be done (thankfully not my problem now.) Some are control freaks that can’t extract themselves from marketing details, others think PR is mainly for SEO purposes, there are all kinds. Almost all are guilty for not understanding how you get the most power out of PR. Continue reading

And Now There’s “Social Marketing”

The other night I received an email inviting me to attend a Social Marketing workshop. After reading this email and, no offense to Giovanni as I’m sure attendees will learn a lot, but the first thing I thought was – Social Marketing? Now we’ve got another name in the mix that’s basically a description of what “Public Relations” or “Integrated Communications” is when incorporating social web tactics.

Here’s the email copy:

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Things That Make You Go, Hmmmm….

Wow. I guess I’m on a roll. I’m inspired. A lot of thoughts going on in my head right now. I touched down in LA, went home and then…

After the tragic comedy that was the #failedpitch, I had drinks with PR bad ass, Vanessa Camones. As she said over a glass of champagne, “We’re cut from the same PR cloth.” We are in sync that PR as it is known is not PR as it should be done. The name is tainted and, I’m starting to feel, beyond repair.

We commiserated about working with companies and CEO’s that just didn’t get it (thankfully, not my problem now.) How agencies are so thirsty for money during the going-to-get-worse PR recession that they’re under cutting boutiques like the ones she runs. And she knows she can do it better because she “get’s” it and they don’t.

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How Not to Win Business (and Lose Influence with People)

I am currently sitting on a plane flying back from a business trip to NY and was trying to read a magazine but am so bothered by something that occurred last night I had to get out my laptop and write it down so I can move on.

In recent weeks my CEO has forwarded me a couple emails from a guy who runs a PR firm in NY. I would actually really, really love to say exactly who it is but I won’t. He’s been reading about us in the news and is doing what agencies do when companies keep getting larger and larger on their radar, they start trying to work it to win the business. Continue reading

Part II- Tips: Transitioning From Agency to Contract

After I posted the Tips article based on lessons I learned a few more came to mind so I thought I’d share those as well. I appreciate the feedback and encourage anyone with extra insights to please add to the discussion in the comments.

1. Expand your cell plan. When I listed the items you’d need (laptop, internet, database) I left out the most obvious- the cell phone. Get a good plan, negotiate down the rate because you’re going to need those minutes. Continue reading