Monthly Archives: January 2009

Tips: Transitioning From Agency to Contract

I figured if I’m encouraging all those new PR Recession-istas to look into consulting, it’s only fair if I share some things I learned during my transition from 7 years at high-tech PR firms to flying solo. A lot of it was fun, some, not so much.

1. Take a serious look at what you excel at and then consider what areas you want to grow. This will help you hone the type of consulting you should focus on. At least at first. I know the breadth of PR I began to do seriously expanded the more experience freelancing. Continue reading

Thoughts on the PR Recession

I just heard of yet another PR agency laying people off and this time it hit very close to home as it impacted a dear friend. Damn economy.

Many of us lived through this before during the bust. It was equally tragic then with some agencies being forced to close up entire offices, not just layoff a percentage of their staff. But, as with the last cycle, we saw that downturns like this always breed innovations and movements that lead to big change. The PR industry is not exempt. Continue reading