Monthly Archives: December 2008

Will Social Media Kill PR?

Last week I had the pleasure of once again joining Al Krueger, Jennifer Leggio and almost Brian Solis (something came up) for Comet Branding Radio to talk about potential threats to the PR industry-at-large if not able to grasp social media or how it incorporates into business strategies. The topic spawned an engaging discussion that took a step back, looking at social media’s place within the larger map of communications, marketing, the sales cycle and branding. Continue reading

Relating to the Public

A particular conversation last night sparked an expanded thought process to a topic I touched on earlier –Nothing beats the bond of a real world experience between a company and a brand in whatever form that takes.

No doubt that online is a crucial conduit to a steady flow of information and insights but there are certain nuances that are missed when not also connecting in person. Focus groups, in-person events, sponsorships, experiential marketing, “street teams;” they are all additional relations efforts to connect with consumers and discover truths that will help the company better relate and develop a better user experience. The combination of utilizing both is what’s accelerating the new world order of “PR.” Both communication streams (online and offline) are necessary to connect with consumers in a truly lasting way. Continue reading